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Ali Filming

Hi, and welcome to our Videos page, we have a number of links for you below which will take you to various films we have either made, or that have been made about us.

The Videos

Boys On The Balcony - Vestas Factory occupation song

Seize The Day’s Faslane Blockade, Scotland, Oct 06

Produced: Shannon Smy and Ali Blackburn. Soundtrack: 'I Swear'

Burning Bush on YouTube

Produced: Shannon Smy and Ali Ingham. Soundtrack: 'Burning Bush'

Election song 'My MP' on BBC, 2009

Save our planet, Save our jobs! Day 5 of the Vesta's protest

Flying Song on YouTube, Alive Earth June 07

Produced: Shannon Smy and Ali Blackburn. Soundtrack: 'Flying'

Ali and Rich

We are also very excited about the July issue of Permaculture Magazine which has a free DVD featuring, among other things, our new 'Flying' video.

United States on YouTube

Eco Village September, 2006

Undercurrents film about eco-village living, with informal band performance of 'This Is My Body' at The Big Green Gathering, England.

Stop The Crop, 1999

Undercurrents film of mass action against GM Crop at Watlington, England, with band performing Monsanto song, 'Food n’ Health n’ Hope'

Road Blues, Newbury bypass protest,1996

Shannon sings 'What are we doing here?' with verses written by the security guards!

With My Hammer, 1999.

Undercurrents video of Shannon’s fantastic song from 'It’s Your Life...'.

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