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The musical voice of the environmental movement
Satish Kumar - Resurgence Magazine

Folk-rock with a radical edge, the band of choice of the direct action and environmental movements
Caroline Lucas - Green Party MEP

Exciting, inspiring and empowering...Semtex in song
Jay Griffiths, London Review

Lyrics and music so penetrating, haunting, witty and clever, that after one listening they simply take up residence in your brain and make you feel as if they've always been there. Exciting, inspiring and empowering...We recommend that you go and see this band at any opportunity. They are brilliant live and have huge energy and presence on stage.
Permaculture Magazine

Songs with wit, verve and bite... If you can see them live, do
Friends of the Earth

From hauntingly beautiful ballads, to highly addictive protest anthems... the greenest band in the land.
Green World, UK Green Party Magazine

With humour and passion they sing of our right to a clean unpolluted world.
Brian Lee, Caduceus Magazine

Music and song are part of the lifeblood of any movement - to hear your struggles reflected back to you in voice and melody (as Seize The Day do) somehow amplifies your will and willingness to continue.
Steve Hancock, Editor, Peace News

Really impressive. Their songs embrace the full spectrum of the human condition. A very enjoyable and powerful musical experience.
Robb Johnson, Folk On Tap

Kids love Seize The Day. Every time I've seen them perform, there is always a cluster of little people singing along adoringly. It's brilliant, they can make us laugh or cry at the turn of a track.
GreenLine Magazine

Shannon and Theo love their audience, and their audience love them
Free State Magazine

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Promoters say...

Sheer enthusiasm, commitment, versatility and talent - wonderful to listen to, even better to watch. An experience not to be missed. If you want to be invigorated, enlivened and entertained - don't waste this opportunity - Seize The Day!
Cleckheaton Folk Festival Committee

…multi-talented band with their own unique way of getting their message across with their lively, upbeat, hypnotic music. They took the folk world by storm, leaving audiences in tears of sorrow and mirth with their own self-penned compositions
Upton on Severn Folk Festival

The hit of the festival, they work and work until they drop
Pontardawe International Music Festival

Seize the Day made a big impact at Towersey - with a strong stage presence, songs that make themselves heard and an appetite to play wherever and whenever. One of a kind!
Alan Bearman Towersey Village Festival

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They're Great!
Billy Bragg.

I came to the last of your performances up in the Upton folk festival and thought you were absolutely BRILL!! I have been to loads of folk festivals before but this one was truly the best. All the others were older folk songs and had no real meaning to them but yours did!
Sarah age 16

'They make the most powerful and beautiful music I have ever heard. Their intelligent, witty lyrics, skilful musicianship and gorgeous melodies can make me laugh, make me cry, uplift me and inspire me. They sing passionately about the most important issues, in a way that reaches into my heart and soul.
Sarah Hards, Cambridge

Thank god someone's writing songs that make you think. You guys are an inspiration!
Will Kinsman, Small & Family Farmers Alliance, USA 2002

Passionate commitment to bringing about a better, saner world. Their songs live because they live their songs.
Leon Rosselson

Hi, I saw you at Glastonbury, and wow! You are great, and as many others say, very inspirational. I've never known a band like you, you're just one of a kind, and I hope you stay around!
Gregory Carey

They combine the spirit and form of English folk song with a global understanding of links between the struggles of ordinary people throughout the world. They have played here in Ireland on numerous occasions. They are always entertaining, provocative and very professional in their preparation, performance and public relations. They present contemporary issues in typical folk song structures and idioms. They make the most of acoustic instruments, driving their social commentary songs with African percussion, or a lifting memorable old fashioned harmony, evoking the history of the peoples whose lives they highlight. Altogether, Seize the Day represent all that is good about grassroots folk music, grounded in English history and society, but reaching out to the world with compassion, wisdom and energy. Go enjoy them!
Eanna Dowling, Cork

A friend lent me Food'n'Health'n'Hope & I'm quite impressed. I was rather expecting whiny, self-righteous pontification, but you're expressing valid points wittily and with some really clever song writing. Well done.

Take me off your mailing list please. I do not associate with hippies thank you.

Thank you so much for what you do for us all, you are a big inspiration to me and everyone. Keep up the brill work!

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration, what more can I say? Saw Seize The Day for the first time at Kingston Green Fair and was blown away. Was almost moved to tears

Source Magazine Q & A Source Magazine, Summer 2007

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CD Reviews

The Tide is Turning

The latest CD from Seize the Day, is as clever, funny, relevant and moving as ever. Described as the voice of the environmental movement, the band is led by singer/songwriter team, Shannon Smy and Theo Simon.

“We believe in the fundamental goodness of all people. We want to empower that goodness by singing the songs that inspire us to break free of the corporate reality and create the world we really want,” says Theo. “Right now, that means taking personal responsibility for climate change and forcing change at a national and global level, as well as making our own lives more sustainable.

“The Tide Is Turning takes our music to a new level, exploring these themes and treating the climate crisis as a new opportunity for human evolution. There is a globalisation of awareness which could transform the way we all live and relate to each other.”

Theo and Shannon started singing together in 1996 and formed the band the following year. The seven-strong group now has a global reputation thanks to its ability to tackle difficult issues with energy and compassion.

Theo and Shannon are not just partners in music making. “The album is deeply influenced by the birth of our daughter, Rosa,” they explain. “If we can begin to live with our children’s best interests at heart, we can secure a beautiful future, not only for them, but for the children of all beings yet unborn.”

The band will play at Glastonbury and many other summer festivals including the Big Green Gathering. They are also available for private bookings, but they have taken a pledge not to fly.
June 12th, 2007   Positive News Issue 52

Rock n Reel magazine, June 2007

R and R magazine Review

Seize the day have been peddling their unique blend of environmental folk roots for more than a decade. Born out of the UK’s direct action front lines at Newbury and Twyford Down, the lyrics of founding members Theo Simon and Shannon Smy continue to inspire a generation of environmentalists.
Their fourth album The Tide is Turning has captured the zeitgeist perfectly. Theo’s wit and intelligent rhyme is complimented by Shannon’s reflective and equally provocative tunes in highlighting issues such as climate change, deep-ecology, Palestine and even a burning Bush.
With musical styles ranging from traditional folk to eastern European and African influences The Tide is Turning passionately describes the spirit of world music- and with it Seize the Day’s place at the heart of the modern ecology movement.
The Ecologist Magazine June 07

This is the brand new album by the green underground's live favourites - and what a CD it is!
They have produced a crossover collection that captures the current sense of the tide turning, of awareness growing. They effortlessly move between traditional folk forms, groovy festival singalong stompers and some stunningly beautiful modern spirituals.
The brilliant, cutting humour in the central part of the album ("Globalisation" and "Burning Bush") is arguably some of their greatest ever work. Yet it is the stunning "Flying" that steals the show. This is a truly important song that will make you never wish to fly again. It will by turns empower you and make you cry.
The life affirming quality of "Embrace Me" and the plaintive "Ship In Distress" illustrate the band's compassionate core.
'The Tide Is Turning' tells it like it is, points fingers and names names. It does this from the rich tradition of English satirical humour but just as importantly it does it with vibrant music and a compassion rare in modern music.
Tony Rollinson, Permaculture Magazine

At last, a new album from the UK’s premiere political musicians.
Rhetoric is great – you can sound like you are the truest believer of any cause without leaving the comfort of your desk or recording studio. Politicians and musicians are falling over themselves in the race to be the greenest and most dedicated. But they need not bother as the high ground has long been occupied by the political musicians of Seize the Day.
I first met Theo Simon, one half of the heart of the band, at Twyford Down in 1992. Sitting around a campfire after a day spent bothering the diggers that were destroying the countryside; Theo pulled out a small drum and began to sing. Fires at protest camps are magnets for performers but none have ever made such an impact as that performance.
We continued to collide at protests. I managed to record him singing a superb song about motorways outside the Tarmac HQ and get it broadcast on Radio 4. At Newbury he started to perform with his perfect partner – Shannon Smy. And from those beginnings sprung Seize the Day. Shannon was perfect – not just because of their love for each other, but because she was another performer who was willing to do more than just sing about the exploits of others.
They have been involved in non-violent direct action ever since: pulling up GM crops, blockading Esso, at the WTO protest in Seattle, supporting Palestinians in Bethlehem, marching with farmers in India and the USA and continuing to write the most intelligent music about each issue. If I had ever had a teacher who could so readily combine content with enjoyment, I might have made something of myself! They can get a tent full of people to dance with joy at the same time as they absorb the profound nature of the lyrics.
And now a new album is out. The Tide is Turning has a strong climate change theme running through the songs. But they also touch on the Israel/Palestine conflict, Guantanamo Bay and, for me the standout track, ‘Rosa’s song’, which manages to capture the entire history of the planet as a love song to their beautiful daughter.
There will be many fans that have met the band at festivals and protests who will have already got hold of this album – it has taken some time in coming (but well worth the wait). What I want to see is other people getting to listen to it. Musically they have gone from strength to strength – the rest of the band, whom I should apologise to for neglecting woefully in this review, are superb. Their song writing is witty, intelligent, moving and powerful. So even if you think that this style of music might not be your bag, I urge you to give this a go. This music is as far removed from the green rhetoric of be-suited politicians as you could conceive. These people really do live the lives they sing about. They are the most honest – sometimes painfully so – commentators on the world. This album is active non-violence captured in song.
Hugh Warwick – Quaker Magazine

It’s Your Life… It’s our World

This album delivers. In spades. At times hard edged as in the opener "Bigger, Better, Brighter" which challenges the "brighter, bolder bullshit" of consumerism a la Leon Rosselson, at other times moving and tender as in "I Miss You/Song for Carol." This album is witty, acerbic and never less than excellently sung, played with fresh and thoughtful arrangements, whose apparent naturalness belies the intelligence that underpins them. I’ve already said this but repeat it for emphasis - the singing is outstanding with a male and female vocalist, outstanding on solo outings and superb on joint efforts such as the "High Hills Lament." I'd love to see them live -unreservedly recommended.
Hector Christie - The Living Tradition

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