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Hi Theo/Shannon

Here is your website documentation to help you keep your website up-to-date:

Uploading Products

All your Songs, Digital albums and CD albums are Woo-Commerce Products.

You can add/edit products using the Products tab from the menu:

You will see all the Products listed Alphabetically.

To add a Product select Add New from the top of the Products listing page:

In this example I am going to upload the Song called My MP.


Give the Song or Album a Title. Note: This title should be the Actual Title as you would see it written with spaces.

The Permalink (URL/Address should be generated automatically).

Page Content

The next section tells you that this Product is using a Layout (template). DO NOT EDIT THIS. All Products use the same template.

Audio Sample

You can select an audio sample to play for this Song. Note: Albums do not have samples so leave this blank for albums.

I have uploaded all the Song Samples into the Media Library so you should be able to search for a song, find it, and add it. However, if it is a brand NEW song then you will need to upload a copy of the MP3. I have appended ‘-sample’ to sample files to differentiate the files from the ‘product downloadable’ files.

In other words, for every song there are two MP3s, mysong-sample.mp3 which is the one used here and mysong.mp3 (which you will need to upload in a bit – see next section).

Product Details

This is the tricky bit!

CD Albums

If the Product is a CD Album then all you need to do is put in a regular price of 13 and a Tax status of None as follows:


If the Product is a Song then you need to tick the ‘Virtual’ and ‘Downloadable’ tick boxes, enter a price of 1, set the Tax status to None and then upload the MP3 song file by clicking Add File.

Note: You have to upload here and not select a song from the library so WooCommerce knows it’s a download.

Note: The file name is entered manually and I use the band name, album name, track number, and track name with spaces: e.g. Seize The Day – Making Waves – 02 – La Cirque De Boheme. In this case it will be: Seize The Day – My MP

IMPORTANT: There is an 8Mb limit on file uploads. If you have a problem uploading then make a note of it and contact me!

Digital Albums

Digital Albums are the same as Songs but with a price of 10. However, you need to add ALL the songs one by one.

Note: At the time of writing I have added ALL the Digital Albums but with only ONE song. You need to add the other songs to these once they are added as Song Downloads. Also… if you have added a song as a Song Download you don’t need to re-upload it for the Album Download – just find it in the media library.


If the Product is a Song you can add optional song lyrics to the Short Product Description:


Now, this next bit is simple but important! Taxonomies are tick boxes I have set up that determine how Products are displayed on the front end of the Website!

Note: JUST TICK THE BOXES, do NOT click on the Add link below each section! That is used to add new taxonomies.


There is only one category of product at the moment – Music – so tick this!


Select a format. This should be self-explanitory! For this example (My MP) it’s a Song Download:


If the Song belongs to an Album or it is an Album, select the Album here!

In this example, My MP is not on an album but there is still a section for New and Exclusive songs!

Featured Songs

If you want the Song featured at the top of your Music page tick the ‘Featured’ box.

In this case the song My MP is not ‘Featured’ so I’m leaving it blank.

Product Image

Select a product image from the Media Library. If it is a Song from an Album (or Album) then select the correct album cover.

In this example, My MP is a New and Exclusive song so I’ve selected the New and Exclusive artwork from the Media Library:


Finally hit the Publish button to publish your Product.