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Time is a tunnel ( Theo Simon )

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Time is a tunnel

Time is a tunnel you can't see round the sides
Yeah time is a funnel I'm enjoying the ride
But the end of that tunnel is a light you can't hide
And if we're already dead then why don't we live like we meant it.
Get into our hearts and get out of those hurts that prevent it
Now's the allowance there won?t be any more when you've spent it.
the dreamer who dreamt it will exit and rise from the bed
My mum and my dad...their father and mother,
grandparents they had, and the kids of their sisters and brothers
At the hotel reception all the guests start to look like each other
Then the covers get changed on the bed for a new newly wed.
We come and we go...we're barely in focus
pretending you know what will happen is just hocus pocus
Busy being somebody, then the same bodies turn round and choke us
And the only truth spoke as you croak is the life that you led.
This particular me my particular places and persons
Evolved specially then erased like all earlier versions.
Whatever the drama, it'll end with the drawing of curtains
And memories of me in the heads of the soon to be dead.
And if we're going to be dead?
When I was a lad, I believed that I might be immortal
Not like my old dad, or the dad I became when my daughter
Unplugged the bath water watching spirals get shorter and shorter.
And I saw the portal ahead, I was already dead
Nobody can say how something began out of nothing
God-botherers may but the odds are they're probably bluffing.
And mathematicians just keep fillin? up nothing with stuffin?
but not small enough stuff to say where we end or begin.
At the edge of my thought, there's a witness
It never gets caught in decision, desire or distress
When my body starts dying I expect that I'll scare myself witless.
But if I see the witness was me, I'll be laughing instead
Cos if I'm already dead?
The fate that I fear is foredoomed in this room that I rented,
However I've spent it, I'll exit and rise from the bed"
At the end of the day another day will be beginning
I know that it may be a day that has got no me in it
I came out of nothing, and to nothing I'll come in a minute.
But I change it all eternally by the footprint I tread
The life that I dreamed of, the one I have got,
I can make it mean something though you won't know just what
Till it gets punctuated... by a vanishing dot...
Theo Simon

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