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Arctic Song ( Ali Blackburn )

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Arctic Song

And I'll tell you a tale of the sea
Of the Ice and the Arctic 30
Pirates then hooligans all
So they said when they
Pointed a gun at their heads
And they were not crazy or brave
Just desperate to save
A pristine and lifesaving piece of the earth
From being destroyed
And the least I can do is write you a song
Sign a petition telling Putin he's wrong
Stand outside the Embassy, rattle a tin
And millions and millions joined in
And we peacefully won you back
Who knows the memories you hold
Of being locked in a cell in the cold
Not knowing when you will be home
And wrapped in the arms of your
loved ones again
Was it worth it to make us aware
Of the tragedy unfolding there
And the irony of the ice melting
which means we can get to more oil
So what I can do is sing you my song
Play it to others so they'll sing along
Stand outside the Embassy, rattle a tin
And millions and millions join in
So what can we learn from it all
Cos they're still trying to get to that oil
Can we mobilise, organise, galvanise, realise
The power to see this thing through
And I ask who would do this again
Face the guns and the cold and the pain
'Til the top of the world is returned to it's peace
And the cold fragile beauty remain
I'm standing strong and I'm singing my song
There's other folk with me, they're singing along
We're outside the Embassy, we're going in
And millions and millions join in

Ali Blackburn

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