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Western Black Rhino ( Theo Simon )

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Western Black Rhino

All the Black Rhino are gone, my heart, gone.
All their brave beauty be ended.
Dead muzzle shorn for a powder of Horn
In the claws of some snorting big-spender.

Hand me the gun that brought down the last one,
Pay my train ticket to China,
I'll set my sights to extinguish the lights
Of those shites who've extinguished Black Rhino

Hold my heart, hold, till the wound has gone cold -
Hatred cannot cauterize it.
Don't gamble time on avenging the crime
Set your sights on the engines that drive it.

There are others in line after Western Black Rhino
Others who need us advancing
5 Million Years - let them go with your tears:
And as warriors, honour their passing

Hearts be as strong as those hearts that are gone
Heads be as sharp and as shielded
Movement as large, and as pointed the charge,
Like a spear, beyond fear and unyielding.

I'll make count every breath for the beauty that's left
I'll make good with the little that I know.
And I'll push to the brink till all greed is extinct
Shadowed by my brave Western Black Rhino

Theo Simon

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