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Parade ( Theo Simon )

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Global industrial order - Attention
For our security and survival, step in line step in line
Wait for it ... quick ? March 2, 3, 4
Keep it up 2, 3, 4, Hup 2,3,4,
First up on my command ? present your survival plan
Haliburton and the Fossil fuel industry hup 2,3,
The aim of our patrol to pinpoint every hole
So the gas we drill and crap we spill's
Not under your control.
Where oil and gas are found, our violence is profound,
We delegate - use the state and beat you to the ground,
We're happy when we're drilling, stealing land and spilling,
Even mercilessly killing for the needs of the elite.
Good work fossil fuellers ? oh yer make sure you keep the
Renewable sector suppressed eh! solar electricity,
Wind and wave power plaplaplaplapla!
Now on my command - present your plan to help us out? .
Come on Murdoch step to..Global corporate media!!!
We're keeping you confused corrupting all the news
And thankfully consumerists are sleeping though the ruse
When bloggers answer back we?ve really got the knack
To scandalize and terrorize to get us back on track.
We're into selling fear ? there's nothing to see here
We're terribly sincere when we're lying to your face
Very good media ? simply don't know what we'd do
without you? Next up. On my command ? making the
financial world go round eh! Global bankers and arms dealers!!!
We work together so, there is a money flow In a global scam,
That fits the plan for men you?ll never know
Making stuff for wars and killing for the cause
Creating debts and making threats sets ?em up for more
Staying with the plan hup, killing for the man hup
Sell another missile to the fucking taliban
We are the champions my friends ? and we?ll keep on fighting ?
Enough of that, your bragging will be your downfall
Don't get too big for your boots eh!! Plaplapla
Now? Next up. On my command -
Report your survival plan
And put that bloody needle away Jenkins!
Global pharmaceuticals and bio-tech hup 2, ow!
We're working for your health, to capture you with stealth.
Dependency in industry brings large amounts of wealth
We patent all the cures so sickness still endures
Though side-effects may leave you wrecked
Don't blame us for the cause
Drugging up the nation ? here's a new sensation
There's no inclination for the quacks to get you well
If you leave us now, we'll take away the biggest part of you
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, now, baby please don't?
Quiet in the ranks ? quiet I said!!
This is a march of domination
Not a self-indulgent pantomime!!
We've got to stop people using cannabis oil or we'll lose
The cancer market next, multiple sclerosis, birth pains etc
Concentrate !!! Next industry, yes on my command
And you better do better than last time I've got my eye on
You - report your survival plan, cos you bloody need one
Nuclear industry hup,
Fukushima was a bind but we don't really mind
We'll bury waste inside a place that nobody will find
And when reactors fail the risk is up for sale
The public purse will reimburse protestors go to jail.
Its melting through the floor ? you don?t want anymore
But you're gonna get it like a radiation sore [laughs]
Quiet in the ranks!!!! enough of your melting and leaking ?
You're a bloody liability to the whole plan
You're lucky you?re even here!!
Now where are my?.Politicians hup 2..
We are the corporate tools we're paid to change the rules
So the 1% can subjugate well-educated fools
This system would be spent If we did not consent
But unless the tide is on our side, we?re us-ua-ll-y bent!
Do what we did before ? blame it on the poor
Change the status quo and they'll be showing us the door
Here, here, here good man there could be a peerage
For you in next years honours list eh what!!
Right ? Company ? altogether now ?
We're the top of the pyramid - kings of status quo
Kept the power for millennia, that's just the way it goes
Cabals who hide the secrets - that could have set you free
But we control the paradigm ? so, we control the tree.
The dark lords of the over-world
We are the spawn of Mordor
Unintended consequence, a new world of disorder?
But we are always wary of the rebels in our midst
Communities in unity drive us round the twist
Keep it up 2,3, c'mon Hup 2, 3, 4 Company halt!

Theo Simon

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