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WWW ( Rich Whistance )

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I'm booting up the PC got my dongle in my hand,
Big brother's in the bedroom, home is where I am.
On a PC with an hour free, box of tissues, cup of tea,
I'm surfing on the World Wide Web to see what I can see.
I joined a dating agency to meet new friends and chat,
But Hairy Bob is stalking me, what do you think of that!? For,
WWWWWWWWWW worldwide fun, With WWWWWWWW any blooming one
WWWWWWWW keep the Internet free, WWWWWWW the World Wide Web and me.
Twitter twatters, happy slappers, tweeting tweets of shame,
There's angry conversations, and lots of folk to blame,
Speculators speculate but knowledge is the prize,
How quickly things are changing on the web before our eyes,
Consumerism's easier ? and now with online banking,
Though most of us just use the web for random stuff and ? EBay.
Google, gamble, dongle, dangle wiki sticky picky,
Lonely wives with 'second lives' and trolls who take the Mickey,
Blogging, snogging, selfies, dogging ? lots to love or fear,
But if you censor what we share we?ll be like North Korea.
Internet campaigners, exposing all the sleaze,
Illuminati aliens posing as MP's
So we go on Safari, opting in to see,
Adventures in the jungle of our new reality,
Where everything you say and do is mirrored to the whole,
'Til consciousness goes global and we have found our soul..
You've won a prize! Enter your email address and you
Will receive - a lifetime of spam?!
Oh look dear, I've had email back from that
Mr Orotongo in Nigeria. He's got our 5 grand and his
10 million will be in our bank in t'morning.
Wupert, Wupert ? there's some GCHQ chappie on the phone,
says he's got your password for 'Golden'
Would you like him to come down here and give it to you?
And who do you think you are kidding Mr Snooper,
To steal the freedom of the web.
Anonymously spied on through a prism by the state,
Though anonymous are here for us to help us navigate,
Cos you'll never stop people sharing on the web,
Cos the World Wide Web is in our head?

Rich Whistance

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