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Frakka Hakka ( Theo Simon )

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Frakka Hakka

I hear a tap tap, fingers on the pad, they're mapping
Pin pushin? in the green and pleasant cushion
It's the a tick tack, tick tack a-tocking
Of the nails in the coffin that they wanna take us off in
So I'm bound for Balcombe where the folk'll make you welcome
If you haven't come to tell them, they need an oil well,
If you're not some whacko addict with a billion smacker habit
Getting high on jackin? gases out of prehistoric asses
So we'll, Frak Frak - Frak Frak the Frakkers off of
Crackin the strata till the stratosphere's knackered,
They could crack crack - crack crack the planet
With the tax-break backing of the pack who oughta ban it
What the Frak?
Already I can see those Quadrillion mosquitoes,
And they all of them have got this ex-ploratory proboscis,
Probing like the penis of an energy extremist
With a scheme to ream the seam where all the cream is in his dreams,
Horizontally hydraulic, shooting hydrochloric,
Biocide, polyacrilamide, so you can heat your Horlicks,
While they surgically fracture every bone of Mother Nature
Satiating fossil traders, but we'll all be paying later

Crank Crank - Clank of Tanker traffic,
Impact - seismographic,
With their trash cans of Gak that's radi-active
Sanctioned by some fracademic who is Border-sociopathic
Cooking up bright flame stacks, flashes in the pan,
Flogging every drop of flammable calamity they can,
Till the methane leakin? makes us all so frakkin? hot
We'll be gagging for whatever pure aquifer we've got -
CHORUS x 2, ends: Hey what's the Crack?
So I'm clap clap - clapping with the activists who
Just put a block on Frakking traffic with a lock-on,
till a Van packed with black clad lackeys
Turns a party with maracas to a collar-grabbing fracas
Then a beak'll slap us with infraction of the Act,
Hacks ?yak yak? Frackin fiction as the fact,
But we're the last-ditch shooters for the future they attack:
We are stronger than their wonga,
and we'll keep on coming back,
So we'll Frak Frak - Frak Frak the Frakkers off of
Crackin? the strata till the stratosphere's knackered,
We will sack sack - sack sack the slackers
We are stronger than their wonga,
and we'll keep on coming back
And that's a fact?
Theo Simon

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