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About us

Seize The Day are a radical English acoustic band with global roots. We write songs to celebrate, inspire and support the liberation of life.

Whatever needs to change or be defended in this world, we sing to make you laugh about it, cry about it, dance about it – maybe even inspire you to believe that you can DO something about it!

Seize The Day came out of Britain’s Road Protest Movement in 1996, when Theo and Shannon began playing together at the site of the Newbury Bypass in Southern England. Since then the line-up has expanded and gone through many incarnations, with our sounds evolving along the way.

We play at major British festivals like Cambridge, Glastonbury, the Big Chill, and the Big Green Gathering, and a host of smaller ones. We also perform at theatres, fund-raisers, folk-clubs, night-clubs, village halls and colleges. But you’re just as likely to meet us at your nearest frontline protest, whether it’s against GM crops, or war, or fossil fuels. Globally, we’ve toured American towns and cities, Indian farming villages, and visited Ireland, Palestine and the big WTO protests in Prague and Seattle. Nowadays we don’t like to fly because of the CO2 emissions of air-travel.

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Band Members

Theo Simon

Lead Vocals, Hand-drums

Shannon Smy

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Rich Whistance

Vocal, Didge, Hand-drums

David Williams

Vocal, Guitars, Strings

Elizabeth Gray

Vocal, Fiddle, Harp

Ali Blackburn

Vocal, percussion

Kat Brown

Vocal. Bass

Jim Cook

Sax, Flute, Clarinet

Previous and occasional members


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